NEW YORK - Directory Of Homebase Locations Social Services Locations of Homebase (Homeless Prevention Network) offices Updated November 23, 2015 Data Provided by Department of Homeless Services (DHS) Source : Revenir à l'accueil



Neighborhood,Address,Phone Number,Borough,Community District,Homebase Office

East Harlem,2276 Third Avenue,917-492-1019,Manhattan,Manhattan,SUS

Lower East Side,265 Henry Street,917-492-1019,Manhattan,Manhattan,SUS

Crotona,775 Crotona Park North,718-299-8473,Bronx,"203, 206",Help USA I

Claremont,3593 East 169th Street,917-801-4512,Bronx,"203, 206",Help USA I

Grand Concourse,1130 Grand Concourse,718-508-3100,Bronx,"201, 204",Bronxworks

Mott Haven,630 Jackson Avenue,718-993-2032,Bronx,"201, 204",Bronxworks

Mount Hope,"1780 Grand Concourse, Level I",347-226-4540,Bronx,"205, 207, 208",Help USA II

Morris Heights,1981 Sedgwick Avenue,718-215-6453,Bronx,"205, 207, 208",Help USA II

Unionport,2155 Blackrock Avenue,718-414-1050,Bronx,"202, 209",ARCHNY I

Hunts Point,890 Garrison Avenue,929-259-9430,Bronx,"202, 209",ARCHNY I

Bronxdale,2901 White Plains Road,347-913-4694,Bronx,"210, 211, 212",ARCHNY II

Woodlawn,4377 Bronx Boulevard,347-947-3920,Bronx,"210, 211, 212",ARCHNY II

Crown Heights,1117 Eastern Parkway,718-622-7323,Brooklyn,"303, 308, 309, 317",CAMBA I

Bedford Stuyvesant,1958 Fulton Street,718-408-5756,Brooklyn,"303, 308, 309, 317",CAMBA I

Bushwick,90 Beaver Street,718-366-4300,Brooklyn,301,RBSCC

Bushwick North,1475 Myrtle Avenue,347-295-3738,Brooklyn,304,RBSCC

Brownsville,145 East 98th Street,917-819-3200,Brooklyn,316,RBSCC

East New York,3060 Fulton Street,929-234-3036,Brooklyn,"305, 318",CNS II

Staten Island,"120 Stuyvesant Place, Suite 413","718-282-6473, EX. 75007",Staten Island,Staten Island,CAMBA II

Jamaica,87-80 Merrick Boulevard,718-674-1000,Queens,Queens,CNS I

Rockaways,Rockaways,718-647-1015,Queens,Queens,CNS I

Flatbush,2211 Church Ave.,718-940-6311,Brooklyn,"302, 306, 307, 310, 311, 312, 313, 314, 315",CAMBA II Voir également / See also :




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[TXT] New-York-Consumer-Se..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47  615K  
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[TXT] New-York-DOB-License..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10   11K  
[TXT] New-York-DOB-Permit-..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10   34M  
[TXT] New-York-DOHMH-New-Y..> 29-Jan-2017 12:03   32M  
[TXT] New-York-Directory-O..> 19-Jan-2017 09:13  6.9K  
[TXT] New-York-Electronics..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10  650K  
[TXT] New-York-Energy-Effi..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47   70K  
[TXT] New-York-Federal-Sti..> 29-Jan-2017 12:11  9.2M  
[TXT] New-York-Filming-Loc..> 29-Jan-2017 12:12  259K  
[TXT] New-York-For-Hire-Ve..> 28-Jan-2017 08:32   13M  
[TXT] New-York-For-Hire-Ve..> 28-Jan-2017 08:30   18M  
[TXT] New-York-For-Medalli..> 28-Jan-2017 08:28   12M  
[TXT] New-York-Grand-Stree..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   28K  
[TXT] New-York-Legally-Ope..> 29-Jan-2017 12:13   12M  
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[TXT] New-York-Lower-Manha..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10   88K  
[TXT] New-York-M-WBE-LBE-a..> 19-Jan-2017 08:58  3.7M  
[TXT] New-York-MINY-Vendor..> 29-Jan-2017 10:10  227K  
[TXT] New-York-Medallion-V..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47  8.8K  
[TXT] New-York-Montague-St..> 29-Jan-2017 12:06   27K  
[TXT] New-York-NYC-Open-Da..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47  453K  
[TXT] New-York-NYPD-Motor-..> 29-Jan-2017 12:03   49M  
[TXT] New-York-New-Driver-..> 28-Jan-2017 08:31  1.8M  
[TXT] New-York-OATH-ECB-He..> 29-Jan-2017 12:03   23K  
[TXT] New-York-Primary-Com..> 29-Jan-2017 12:06   11M  
[TXT] New-York-Real-Time-T..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47  8.6K  
[TXT] New-York-Small-Busin..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   78K  
[TXT] New-York-Subway-Entr..> 28-Jan-2017 08:24  256K  
[TXT] New-York-Subway-Line..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47  519K  
[TXT] New-York-Subway-Stat..> 29-Jan-2017 11:47   72K  
[TXT] New-York-Times-Squar..> 29-Jan-2017 12:11   14K  
[TXT] New-York-Times-Squar..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10   11K  
[TXT] New-York-Times-Squar..> 29-Jan-2017 12:06   32K  
[TXT] New-York-Times Squar..> 29-Jan-2017 12:10   31K  
[TXT] New-York-Union-Squar..> 19-Jan-2017 09:44  169K  
[TXT] New-York-Village-All..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   25K  
[TXT] New-York-Workforce1-..> 29-Jan-2017 12:06   45K  
[TXT] New-York-Zip-Code-Bo..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07  169K 

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