NEW-YORK - Real-Time Traffic Speed DataTransportation NYCDOT's Traffic Management Center (TMC) maintains a map of traffic speed detectors throughout the City. The speed detector themselves belong to various city and state agencies. The Traffic Speeds Map is available on the DOT's website ( ). This data feed contains 'real-time' traffic information from locations where NYCDOT picks up sensor feeds within the five boroughs, mostly on major arterials and highways. NYCDOT uses this information for emergency response and management. Updated August 5, 2016 Data Provided by Department of Transportation (DOT) Source : Revenir à l'accueil



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[TXT]> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   12K  
[TXT]> 19-Jan-2017 10:05  3.5M  
[TXT] New-York-311-Service..> 28-Jan-2017 08:25  4.9K  
[TXT] New-York-2012-NYC-Fa..> 19-Jan-2017 09:13   18K  
[TXT] New-York-DOB-Job-App..> 28-Jan-2017 08:01   41M  
[TXT] New-York-Directory-O..> 19-Jan-2017 09:13  6.9K  
[TXT] New-York-For-Hire-Ve..> 28-Jan-2017 08:32   13M  
[TXT] New-York-For-Hire-Ve..> 28-Jan-2017 08:30   18M  
[TXT] New-York-For-Medalli..> 28-Jan-2017 08:28   12M  
[TXT] New-York-Grand-Stree..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   28K  
[TXT] New-York-Library.htm    19-Jan-2017 16:07   49K  
[TXT] New-York-M-WBE-LBE-a..> 19-Jan-2017 08:58  3.7M  
[TXT] New-York-New-Driver-..> 28-Jan-2017 08:31  1.8M  
[TXT] New-York-Small-Busin..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   78K  
[TXT] New-York-Subway-Entr..> 28-Jan-2017 08:24  256K  
[TXT] New-York-Union-Squar..> 19-Jan-2017 09:44  169K  
[TXT] New-York-Village-All..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07   25K  
[TXT] New-York-Zip-Code-Bo..> 19-Jan-2017 16:07  169K

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