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Rooming'it - Room management software

Rooming'it provides main functionalities:

Manage your bookings with Rooming'it

Rooming'it provides advanced features to let you control the occupation of your rooms and manage all the scheduled events.

You can be a little or a big company, a collectivity or an association, Rooming'it has a modular approach that will satisfy your needs.

Main agenda of bookings

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Agenda of bookings

You can easily identify the status or the type of a booking by its color. You can drag, move, enlarge or reduce a booking to change its duration by using your mouse, change the status (reserved, confirmed, cancelled, on air, etc.)

Room layout and management

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Room layout and management

Every room can be set with default options or facilities (fresh drinks, paperboard, Internet, translator, etc.) but extras can be added for each booking.

This options and facilities are highly configurable and adaptable (type/category/attached icon).

A maximum people average per room can be set in order to manage places availability.

You can import a principle sketch and a photo for every room.

Facilities, options and attendees can be placed using drag and drop of graphical elements in order to set up :
- a seating plan,
- a VIP placement,
- the furniture and facilities layout,
- etc.

Reservation scheduling

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Monthly view of bookings

You can chose between week, month or day view for an easy check of availability and a one click booking.

(for instance: booking is schedulded for every first Wednesdays and Saturdays of the month from 9:30 to 10:45 and this, until the end of current year).

In case of a many rooms or multiple sites management, groups can be set up so you can chose to view only a specific room category or group.

You can access instant recurrent events scheduling, on a weekly or monthly basis.

Weekly or monthly planning printout is included.

A single click on a booking gives you instant information about the meeting, including object, participants and facilities.

Contact manager (attendees, chairs)

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Detailed contact form

In order to prevent time consuming input, a contact manager is included. You can fill it with usual recurrent participants.

Every form is detailed for information access at a glance.


Rooming’it is fully configurable and adaptable to satisfy your needs.

Planning and working

Working hours is fully adaptable. Time period can be set from 5 to 60 minutes. Display for weekends or bank holidays can be personalised using your colour codes.

Access control

Choose between three security levels to manage readers, authors or administrators and grant authority to users or groups of users to add, modify or view events.

Booking options and facilities

You can set up your own rooms’ facilities and options list, using self-designed icons (GIF or ICO file extension required).

Colour codes

Colour codes can be set using your own visual identification needs : rather than qualifying a state of progress, colours can define a meeting nature or any other meaningful typology (type of activity, client category, department, etc.)

Web publishing

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Web site publishing, internet browser view

A one click Internet or Intranet publishing, for instant worldwide accesses to your meeting rooms schedule. This functionality requires a web server and PHP 4.1 minimum or a subscription to our hosting solution (contact us for details).

Publish you planning straight from your workstation, using Rooming’it only, no need of any extra tools.

Booking requests can be sent from the web site to the email address of your choice using a dedicated form.

See by yourself, using our Demo website at http://demo.roomingit.fr


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Edition of the monthly planning

Pre-set reports are available in Rooming’it :
- nametags
- booking cards
- daily rooms booking
- etc.

A browsable preview is included for page on page printing.










> Logiciel Agora Gestion d’espaces Municipaux









> Logiciel Agora Evènementiels

System requirements

            Network installation

Intranet, extranet or internet access

Remote access


Rooming’it is a room management software suitable for any company dealing with scheduling: events, meetings, conferences, performances, receptions or working/training sessions...

· Rooming’it helps you manage and set up your room scheduling and layout (furniture, resources, facilities, etc.)

· Rooming’it offers draggable graphical elements for facilities or people placement in a room.

· Rooming’it includes networking fonctionalities for an easy sharing of plannings and information within the office and over Internet.

· Rooming’it offers security levels so you can control for each user who has access to view, edit, add and delete schedule information.

Meeting planification
The progress of each meeting is identified with a colour code you can setup.
Dayly, weekly and monthly views are available.


Integrated web service
You can publish bookings planning onto your own web site with an integrated FTP synchronsation tool. Rooming'it will create all HTML pages and the PHP programm, and will publish them on the right place you set up on your web site.

Periodicity management
Meetings can be scheduled with a weekly or a monthly periodicity.


You can customise the graphical presentation of your rooms (layout map and picture).

Graphical placement
Every option and facility, service and attendee has an icon, you can set up you table map or place your VIPs.


A validation process can be defined, the detail od a particular booking or a room can be set up as confidential.

Printouts and reports 
Lists of attendees, badges, agendas, monthly or weekly plannings can be printed.


Time benefit 
A periodic booking is scheduled in some clicks, the availibility of a room is visible with a single sight.

Rooming'it allows a real coordinated work between managers and users.


The user interface is compliant with Microsoft products and recommandations (drop down lists, mouse, shortcuts, keyboards, ...).


Bookings can be followed by everyone in real time (delay, cancellation, change of the agenda or attendees, etc.).


Rooming'it interfaces with your own web site using Web standards (HTML, PHP, FTP).

Desktop computer

PC compatible computer with a minimum of 256 MB for RAM and 10 MB hard drive space.

Operating system


All Microsoft Windows versions are supported:
Windows 9x, Windows NT, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7.

Office softwares


The Microsoft Office suite is fully supported:
Office 97, Office 2000, Office XP, Office 2003 or Office 2007.

You can also try other office software suites like OpenOffice.org



Two versions are supported:

· Light version that only requires a file sharing. The server could run under Microsoft or Linux.

· SQL Version that requires Microsoft SQL Server version 2000 or earlier.


Rooming'it is running in a client/server mode and need to be installed on each computer, with all your usual office softwares.


Rooming'it is managing a dedicated web site that let everyone consult the agenda and the bookings using your web browser and request online new booking.

· WEB Server (IIS or Apache) with PHP 4.2 or earlier.

· FTP Server for the web site publication.

· SMTP Server without authent to send online booking requests.

This web site has been tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 or earlier, Mozilla Firefox 0.8 or earlier, Opera 8 or earlier, Safari and Firefox in Apple operating systems.


Rooming'it is fully running with Windows Terminal Services or Citrix systems. You can have access to all facilities that Rooming'it can offer directly from your desktop outside from your office, like your home (refer to your IT administrator or contact us to prepare that kind of installation).